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Treasure Island is a dungeon-crawling adventure-styled gamemode where Jobski can explore a large sprawling underground area to find secrets and earn a paycheck for reaching the end. To visit the island, Jobski must purchase a Plane Ticket from Ankh for 2,500 coins, and Ankh will only sell Plane Tickets after the credits upon beating the game (which are played after completing The Moon 3).

A Plane Ticket is used each time Jobski visits Treasure Island, and another Plane Ticket must be bought to be able to visit again.

On the island is a secret temple hidden in the sand, and upon entering, Jobski can explore a series of areas filled with secrets and treasure while avoiding obstacles to reach the end. Moving on to the next area requires Jobski to find and place three key fragments in the same area, which are often hidden across each area or behind dangerous obstacles, and being hit by an obstacle will remove some time off of Treasure Island's timer. Once Jobski reaches the end of the temple or the timer ticks down to zero, all of the treasures obtained and secrets earned are tallied up into a final paycheck.

  • 7 medals can be earned within Treasure Island, and the costumes Explorer and Medal King both require completing Treasure Island.
    • Explorer is obtained after reaching the end of Treasure Island.
    • Medal King requires earning all 7 medals in Treasure Island, as well as all 90 medals in every job and the 3 medals obtainable from Tower of Infinity.

A tutorial for how to complete Treasure Island and earn all 7 medals is detailed below