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Tower of Infinity is an arcade-styled gamemode exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of Part Time UFO that involves stacking randomized objects as high as possible, maintaining balance as the stack grows taller and working around the luck of the objects given. The game begins with a flat platform as helicopters carry in objects from the side of the screen, and Jobski must place each object on top of one another to build a tower and prevent them from falling below the platform. For every five objects placed, Ankh will appear to place a magic block near the tower to provide extra stability, and after every five meters, the point at which objects cannot fall below will rise. If a single object falls below the given point, the game ends and the tower's height before collapse is added to a leaderboard.

  • 3 medals can be earned within Tower of Infinity, and the costumes Medal King and Championship Belt both require reaching a certain height.
    • Championship Belt is obtained upon reaching 18m. and hitting the top of the leaderboard.
    • Medal King requires earning all 3 medals in Tower of Infinity by reaching 50m., as well as all 90 medals in every job and the 7 medals obtainable from Treasure Island.