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Jobski is the main playable character of Part Time UFO. They're a small white and yellow UFO with an antenna, and an appearance similar to depictions of UFOs in Japanese pop culture[1] (in western media, UFOs are typically flat and disc-shaped, whereas UFOs in Japanese media are often dome-shaped with three orbs on the bottom).

Jobski most often has a very bored and unenthused expression, likely going along with the game's commentary on work culture as an inverse of the corporate expectation for employees to look cheerful while working, although their expression will change to a strained look when attempting to pick up a heavy object or a cheerful look upon completing a job.

Jobski ends up on Earth while wandering around space, and begins working part time jobs helping others with their problems. Upon defeating Comoestas and saving Earth, Jobski is contacted by who may likely be the leader of their species of UFOs and told that they've completed their research in Earth's work culture thanks to Jobski's help. When Jobski is asked to come home (implying there's many other UFOs like Jobski and Taski), Jobski decides to stay on Earth and continues working part time jobs helping Earth's citizens.

Taski, the playable character available in the "Team Up!" multiplayer mode on the Nintendo Switch version, has a similar appearance to Jobski, but with a red coloration.