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Feats of Glory are a collection of 40 tasks that can be completed over the course of the game that act as an achievement system. The feats are arranged into an 8x6 grid with 12 sections and 4 feats within each section. Upon completing all 4 feats in a section, a memory will be unlocked with a short animation showing many of the places and people Jobski has seen throughout the game.

Notable Information

  • Each section will often have a common theme with the feats included; for example, Memory of the Ocean includes the feats It Came from Beneath the Sea, UFO at Sea, Workplace Efficiency 1, and 100 legs, all of which are feats completed in Ocean jobs.
  • Some feats can be completed in a single level, like feats that require completing a job while wearing a certain costume, while others can be progressed over time.
  • Some feats are marked with "? ? ?" and do not provide any description for how to complete them.

Information for how to complete every feat is provided below.

Memory of the Farm

  • Working on Earth: Receive a magazine with job listings from a farmer
  • Planetary Medalist: Earn 9 medals
  • Hard Working: Transport over 40 objects across all jobs
  • Freshly Dressed: Buy any outfit at the shop

Memory of the Circus

  • Moneymaker: Earn $3,000 or more from a single job
  • UFO at the Circus Tent: Complete any Circus job while wearing the Juggling Clown costume
  • Login Bonus: Play the game 2 days in a row
  • Monkey Magic: Complete a job by piling every monkey on just one of the rods in Circus 1

Memory of the Ocean

  • It came from Beneath the Sea: Get your cargo eaten by a mysterious sea creature in Ocean 3
  • UFO at Sea: Complete any Ocean job while wearing either the Sailor Cadet or Fishing Boat Flag costumes
  • Workplace Efficiency 1: Complete Ocean 1 by using your claw just 5 times
  • 100 Legs: Complete any Ocean job after piling 10 squids (easiest on Ocean 2)

Memory of the Museum

  • Galactic Medalist: Earn 27 medals
  • UFO and the Arts: Complete any Museum job while wearing the Painter's Cap costume
  • Workplace Efficiency 3: Complete Museum 3 by using your claw just 6 times
  • That Doesn't Look Right: Build the statue in Museum 1 upside down

Memory of the High School

  • Productive: Transport over 80 objects across all jobs
  • Hat Trick: Earn 3 medals on a single try in 15 different jobs (see: Hat Trick)
  • Still Far to Go: Complete 10 Two Star jobs
  • In the Nick of Time: Complete a job with the time at exactly "001"

Memory of the Worksite

  • Ancient Japanese UFO: Complete Worksite 2 while wearing either the Samurai Hair or Ninja Wear costumes
  • UFO and Safety: Complete any Worksite job while wearing the Safety Helmet costume
  • Upstairs Downstairs: Build the castle in Worksite 2 upside down
  • Destroyer: Destroy all of the rocks in Worksite 3

Memory of the Restaurant

  • Omniversal Medalist: Earn 81 medals
  • Never Giving Up: Transport over 160 objects across all jobs
  • Macadamia Nuts: Clear Treasure Island
  • Friends or Food?: Play with a friend or stack 10 pancakes by yourself in Restaurant 3

Memory of the Lab

  • Top Earner: Earn $5,000 or more from a single job
  • Fashionista: Buy 10 outfits from the shop
  • UFO Sighting: Share a screenshot after completing a job
  • Workplace Efficiency 4: Complete Lab 3 by using your claw just 7 times

Memory of the Moon

  • The Workers Who Saved Earth: View the credits
  • I'll Be Back!: Let the Culprit get away during Moon 3
  • UFO in Space: Complete any Moon job while wearing the Spacesuit costume
  • Space Hunter: Defeat 100 evil aliens overall in Moon 1 and 2

Memory of the Toy Shop

  • Breadwinner: Earn $4,000 or more from a single job
  • Workplace Efficiency 2: Complete Toy Shop 1 by using your claw just 4 times
  • Friends or Glory?: Transport a crate with a friend or reach 100m. in Tower of Infinity by yourself
  • Completist: Complete all Two Star jobs

Memory of the Tower of Infinity

  • Treasure Hunter: Find every treasure on Treasure Island
  • Hat Trick Master: Earn 3 medals on a single try in 30 different jobs (see: Hat Trick)
  • I've Got This: Prevent 5 Magic Blocks in a row from appearing in Tower of Infinity in the same run
  • Divine Medalist: Earn 100 medals

Memory of the Shop

  • Cosmic Medalist: Earn 54 medals
  • Time for a Holiday: Transport over 240 objects across all jobs
  • Flyest in the Universe: Buy every outfit in the shop
  • So Long, UFO!: Let the Masked Thief get away in Museum 2 by pulling her out of the vase but not placing her on the platform