Comoestas (a.k.a. Heavy Armor Lunar Invasion Bot) is the final boss of Part Time UFO. It is a mechanical robot piloted by the Culprit and designed to attack Earth's Moon. When Jobski helps the scientist build a giant robot in Lab 3 and attacks the evil aliens in The Moon 1, Comoestas destroys the giant robot and attacks Jobski in The Moon 2. Upon defeat, Comoestas explodes, but the Culprit attempts to use the robot's escape pod to flee in The Moon 3.

Comoestas' name is a play on the Spanish phrase "¿Cómo estás?", which can be translated into English as "How are you?". Additionally, the first three words of its subtitle form the acronym "HAL" in reference to HAL Laboratory, the game's developer/publisher.

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