Part Time Ufo Wiki

Below is a list of all of the characters featured in Part Time UFO

  • Jobski - The main protagonist and playable character of Part Time UFO
  • Taski - The playable character available to Player 2 in the Nintendo Switch "Team Up!" multiplayer gamemode
  • Ankh - The owner of the Costume Shop who sells Jobski costumes and plane tickets (which are used to visit Treasure Island)
  • Comoestas - The Heavy Armor Lunar Invasion Bot piloted by the Culprit
  • Culprit - The leader of the evil aliens and main antagonist of Part Time UFO
  • Masked Thief - A recurring background character in many of the game's levels
  • Farmer - A kind old man who greets Jobski when they first arrive on Earth
  • Misc. Characters - Any of the characters not prominent enough to necessitate having their own page